The Vision

I want what almost every Gilmore Girls fan wants… to be able to walk down the street of an actual Stars Hollow, CT. A picturesque town with quaint little shops and a diner with the best coffee.
To see the town square dressed up in corn husks, orange ribbons and pumpkins surrounded by the natural foliage colors in the fall.
To see the town blanketed in snow in the winter – “The world changes when it snows. It’s quiet. Everything softens” and take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh through town.
To see the beautiful flowers in spring and have some of Morey’s Salty Nuts during the Spring Fling.
To see summer, bright and green – have a picnic in the gazebo or read a book in the shade of a tree in the town square.
Doesn’t that sound nice?
Not to mention staying at the Dragonfly Inn, touring through Lorelai’s house (or even renting it!), seeing all the familiar stores and business throughout downtown, peek into Miss Patty’s Dance School, or eat at Luke’s Diner, Weston Bakery, or Al’s Pancake World. To stay in a hotel that is right in town, possibly with a view of it from your room. Take in a movie at the Black, White & Read theater. I want to honor Stars Hollow as we have come to love it in the show.
No detail is too small and I want to get them right.

The “No Cell Phones” sign in Luke’s Diner. The “Williams Hardware” sign out front. The tables and chairs. Even the curtains.
The monkey lamp and dancing Rabbi in Lorelai’s house.
Go into the Dragonfly Inn sitting area and find a copy of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ and 5 copies of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Airplane booked again!
See the folding chairs all set up for a town meeting at Miss Patty’s. Shop at Le Chat Club for Gilmore Girls/Stars Hollow souvenirs. Stay at the Dragonfly Inn or a room in the Stars Hollow hotel located directly in town. Rent Lorelai’s or Sookie’s home! Have some pie at Weston Bakery.
While you stroll through the town, speakers throughout the town square would play the Troubadour’s songs as well as the Sam Phillips songs featured in the show and of course, the “La la” songs.

During the year we hope to offer the following events (maybe more!):
The Founder’s Firelight Festival
The Picnic Basket Lunch Auction
Easter Egg Hunt
Spring Fling Festival (the corn maze would be a bit cumbersome, so bring on the booths and Morey’s salty nuts!)
The Winter Carnival
Movie Night in the Square
With the success of “Stars Hollow, CT” there would be the opportunity to expand and offer more places to eat, stay and more attractions (how about The Independence Inn? Emily & Richard’s home? A swimming pool?) at which point we’ll let the fans decide what they want the most!

We could also make more and more stores actually functional in the downtown area instead of just facades to start. The top priorities based on the research so far is that there must be a functional Luke’s Diner, Dragonfly Inn and ability to tour Lorelai’s house… and of course the whole look of the town, gazebo and all. “Stars Hollow, CT” could also be rented for weddings, the fan fest and other functions.

I know fans want this to happen because I am a fan and I would love if this was a reality.
Well it can be done with the perseverance of the fans. If just over 333,000 fans (that’s only about 7.4% of the millions that are out there) pledge just $30 to a Kickstarter campaign (more from some/less from others), we can reach our goal and get started! Doesn’t that sound doable?!

“Stars Hollow, CT” needs to exist!

Still want to LIVE at Stars Hollow? I would like to eventually offer homes/apartments so people can become residents and utilize the town whenever they like.
So, the dream of living in Stars Hollow could eventually happen!

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