What You Can Expect to See in “Stars Hollow, CT”

Here is the more complete list of what will be in “Stars Hollow, CT”:
The main focus will be on what is located in the downtown area of Stars Hollow and would be walkable according the show… due to all the cost to get all the details right, I really have to prioritize what will be offered (at first) in this attraction.

Based on the feedback so far, the main attractions are Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn (my one exception to focusing on what is “downtown” because of the popularity) and Lorelai’s house… in that order. Obviously, the entire downtown would have to be created… the gazebo, all the store fronts (even the ones they only ever walk by and never go in) just to complete the town.

Most will have to only be facades to start to save on initial cost. I have to limit which ones will be functioning at first… but the space will be there to possibly make it functioning in the future.

It is my hope to have the following functioning businesses for the opening:
Luke’s Diner, The Old-Fashioned Soda Shoppe, the Dragonfly Inn, Weston Bakery, the Black, White & Read theater, Le Chat Club (but Gilmore Girls souvenirs would be sold there), and Al’s Pancake World.
I know what some are thinking… why Al’s? Well I’m thinking of the customers that would prefer a different choice of cuisine besides burgers, fries, and sandwiches (and the Dragonfly might be booked/too busy to wait), so Al’s could offer pizza, sushi, and other choices not available at Luke’s (after all, it is known for switching up the kind of foods offered). If someday in the future I could make Antonioli’s Restaurant (where Rory went to Pete to create the “largest” pizza for Lorelai’s birthday), then pizza would no longer be available at Al’s… you get the gist.
Businesses you will be able to walk in and take pictures/see all set up, but really not “functioning” will be: Doose’s Market & Miss Patty’s Dance School (though there seems to be interest in getting actual dance lessons here, so maybe a local teacher can come by at an extra cost for those interested while they are in “Star Hollow, CT”)

You will be able to tour through (and rent on certain days):
Lorelai’s house & Sookie’s house (I wanted to do the inside of Babette’s house as well, but at first it’ll just be the outside of her home to save money)

What will also be represented in the town, but only a façade/cannot enter:
Kim’s Antiques, Stars Hollow Books, Stars Hollow Library, Gypsy’s Garage, Sophie’s Music, Stars Hollow High School, Bootsy’s Newsstand, the Churchogogue, The Stars Hollow Gazette, Faretta’s Barber Shop, Stars Hollow Beauty Supply, Posey’s Flower Shop, the Oasis, Eastside Dental, The Secret Bar, KC’s Annex, the Vintage Clothing Store.
To fill in any other buildings, the following could be included that were mentioned in the show: Stars Hollow Party Supply, The Hungry Diner, Stars Hollow Baby, Stars Hollow Bank, Pharmacy, travel agency, knitting store, stationary store, real estate office and shoe store.

First to make functioning if affordable: Stars Hollow Books, Kim’s Antiques, Antonioli’s Restaurant, Churchogogue, Sophie’s Music (as I get more feedback, I’ll add to/change the order of priority)
The following will NOT be in the attraction for the opening:
Emily & Richard’s House, the Independence Inn, Yale/New Haven (dorm room/Paris’ apartment/Logan’s apartment) & Chilton
But please keep in mind if everything is successful, I would LOVE to expand and create some of these… assuming we could find a property big enough to leave room for expansion.

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